Growing up is not that easy. I was born bigger than other babies; my mom told me. She didn’t have to tell me since it showed. I used to wonder why my playmates were afraid of me when I was in grade school. Some of them I felt were afraid of my size while some I just felt that they found me disgusting. I was so unhappy most of the time when I was a child and when I started my teenage years it had even become more challenging. Until one day I was browsing the net for weight loss sites and I came across the Weight Watchers site.

I began to check on reviews about the site. I find it very interesting and its clients are all happy about its service. Most of them have stayed on even if they have already achieved their weight goals. They just stay there to continue the friendship and wonderful relationships they have nurtured while in the group.

Before After Teen Weight Loss

Approval from Parents and Doctor

Since I was less than 18 years old, I had to follow all the requirements before I could finally join Weight Watchers. The first hurdle was to convince Mom about it. I showed the site to her and let her go through every possible review I could gather about the group. After a few days, I finally had her yes. Mom brought me to the family physician so I could have my doctor’s referral along with my normal weight range. But then I realized that I could not join the online program for Weight Watchers and hence I had to look for a group in real life to join. I searched further online and found out that there’s a physical center for the group in the same city we live in. So Mom and I went there together and from the first time I set foot there it already felt like home.

It's Not About Going on a Diet

From the get-go, what I really like with the group is that as kids we were taught that becoming healthy is not only about going on a diet. We were taught that eating healthy is the key. That means eating not really less in quantity but eating enough, but more nutritious foods that will not lead to obesity as a result. We were also encouraged to do physical activities daily. It was from them that I learned how to bike. I met some kids in the group who were fond of cycling so I trained myself to be able to join them. I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle from the group. For instance, I only let myself watch TV for only an hour. I helped Mom prepare healthy foods daily for our meals.

The best thing about this is that my mom also got hooked to Weight Watchers and its online version. She said that it’s so convenient for her since she is a working mom and she finds it hard to meet with people regularly. What she does instead is that she talks to a personal coach and ask for advice regarding daily exercise, proper nutrition, and even appropriate exercise for her age. You see with Weight Watchers, the mother of all commercial diets,  it’s not that hard to live a healthy lifestyle. My advice is to just stick to your goal.