If you have done some research online about BistroMD, by now you know why BistroMD isn't your average run of the mill diet plan. We're so much more than calories, and we offer more than just low calorie diet food. There are a lot of diet claims out there. You've probably heard a few. We're not a quick fix. Or a twenty four hour diet trick for instant results.

As we've mentioned, eating less can be important. But just as important is eating better. We raise the bar for the diet delivery industry, through are clinical expertise and nutritionally complete approach to weight loss. You'll never hear us make claims that 'you can eat anything, even junk food to lose weight, and that this would be a nutritionally complete healthy choice for your body".


From our naturally rich salmon with a sensual omega free fatty acids, or tasty vegetables picked at the peak of perfection. We start with real food. And do good things with it.

Bistro MD Salmon

Our chefs create not only great tasting entrees, they are properly portioned to leave you satisfied.

Meal with Vegetables

On BistroMD you won't go hungry. We promise. In fact, we think you'll be surprised by our portion sizes. Pleasantly surprised. And we promise not to give in to peer pressure of diet fads that restrict entire food groups, or bad nutrients. Like the no carbs crew, like the no fat club, and the sugar band-aids. We just wont do it. Even if it seems like that is the popular thing and all the other diets are doing it.

There is a scientific foundation to our weight loss plan. Many people lose as much as 3 lbs in their first 5 days. We have years of clinical experience, so trust us. We know what works. And what doesn't. We are here for you. So don't settle for less, and don't punish yourself by eating diet foods that are low in calories, and void of natural flavors, full of additives, and preservatives, and unpronounceable names like...well, I can't even say it.

With Bistro MD you get the scientific understanding of weight loss. Quality ingredients. Healthy food portions. Expert knowledge and support. And to top it all off, great tasting food that's good for you.

Call us direct at 1-866-401-3438 FREE or visit our website at www.BistroMD.com.