Whenever we reach our teenage years and go through the adolescence and puberty stages, we are usually so conscious about our looks. We all want to look great and relate well especially with our peers. For both boys and girls alike, our body weight is something we always watch out for. But what if you are overweight and want to lose the excess weight in a in a healthy way; you should consider joining the Weight Watchers, which is the global leader in the provision of commercial weight loss services.

But I am a teen, can I join?

Of course you can as long as you meet the conditions I will tell you in a bit. Just so you understand, joining Weight Watchers is about adopting a lifestyle and not just dieting. Once you join, you receive a plan which you follow and earn points on a regular basis. As a teenager, weight loss requires a special approach that will not compromise the state of your health or lead to incidences of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, where a person starves himself/herself leading to excessive weight loss. As a teenager, you require more energy to support the rapid growth and metabolic rate hence you should maintain balanced diet when eating to ensure there is enough energy for all these. The plans provided by Weight Watchers are considerate of the teenage dietary requirements, the more reason to consider joining the program.

As teenagers, we also value our peers and actually confide and seek advice from them. Weight Watchers has regular meetings that you can attend once or twice a week to share your experiences with others. This should provide comfort and encouragement.

Here are the requirements

When you consider joining Weight Watchers as a teenager, you are welcome. There are some conditions that you have to meet to ensure that you are not affected negatively by the program. The conditions are;

  • doctors’ referral that details an individual’s weight loss range and a signature of the parent or guardian.
  • You should not be pregnant when considering joining Weight Watchers
  • You should not also be suffering from a chronic illness or under a long term medication.

Weight Watchers has a strong scientific foundation that prioritizes an individual’s health. That is why they have the above requirements for teenagers to ensure the weight-loss program meets the specific needs and circumstances of each individual. They are also committed to helping people attain healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and live healthier lives in a way that will not affect their health negatively.