Hi, Janelle here from a Mom's Take, and I'm here to show you some of the Nutrisystem Foods.


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So I just received my next month's shipment of four weeks worth of food and this is the shelf-stable foods, so eighteen days worth of food. And as soon as the food arrives, it arrives in two flats like this, flat open boxes. And I just quickly rearrange it and compile it down into one. The foods are a little bit squished in here, but they're just fine. And this allows me to just have one box that I can carry around, and put it up-high away from the kids, and I have everything organized. I've got dinners, lunches, breakfasts and then the desserts. So I can just look through the box, grab out a breakfast and go out and make my meal. It makes it really easy for storage, for finding the foods I need to eat and having it all at just one simple place. I store my protein drinks separately, and obviously the freezer foods are in my freezer.

This month I'm trying a few new foods that I didn't try last month

I'm excited to try a few of these new food items, like the Chocolate Frosted Donut, and the Apple Strudel Scone for the breakfast entrees. And you remember how much I loved my Apple Strudel Bar. Yes I ordered a bunch of these, and I'll be eating these again this month. They just have so much variety to choose from. Chocolate chip scones, banana nut muffins, even got a bagel this month that I didn't have last month.

For lunches, they have a bunch of different things like tuna and chicken salads, lunch bars, which I order a lot, because I think these are really easy for the week and when I'm busy on the go, driving around the kids. So you can just put one of these in your purse, and take it with you. And then if your kids end up eating McDonald's and you're out and about on the weekend, you can just eat this. And you don't have to worry about what they might be ordering; save you a little bit of money too. There are plenty of new things in the lunch category, like the peanut butter and jelly bar. That's kind of interesting, we'll see what we think about that one. And, let's see this one, it's my new one. Chicken Cacciatore; ; it's a new one for me this month.

Chicken Cacciatore

Photo: Chicken Cacciatore

Have to let you guys know on the upcoming post how these foods tasted and my thoughts on some of the new ones. Cajun-style chicken and sausage, looks really good I'm excited about that one. And vegetable Fajita Mix.

How Does the Nutrisystem Food Taste Like?

The biggest question I've seen come up through my blog posts is, "What does the food taste like?", "Is the food okay?", "What are my thoughts on that?". So, I thought I'd go into that a little bit in this video. I think the shelf-stable foods, specifically the lunches and dinners are just okay. They're decent. They're microwavable foods. It's kind of like what you might expect from a TV dinner. Even though they are shelf-stable, they taste like a frozen TV dinner. Especially these kind of styles in the little cans. As long as you get them really, really hot then let them cool, they're much better than if you just heat them to a medium temperature. So that's what you need to know.

Now these can be cooked by placing the entree into boiling water or you can put them into the microwave. So there are two options. Generally, I'd just go with the microwave because it's much, much faster, but I have tried the boiling method too and they seem to taste about the same to me either way they are prepared.

All the breakfast entrees, for the most part, are really good. I haven't had a problem with any of those. The bran cereal, I mean bran cereal is not really my thing, but I added some raisins to it, which are allowed as one of your options. And so the cereal's good, it tastes like raisin bread. So there's things you can do, you can add in your extras that you're allowed. You know, your power fuels that you're given every month, to add to your meal to really make the difference.

They have lots of great desserts like this thin mint crisp bar, carrot cake- this is a new one for me this month. I love real carrot cake so we'll see how the diet one tastes. And also if you've read my posts you'll know that I had some issues with cookies last month. So I ordered quite a few different kinds of cookies to try. So yeah, there's my thoughts. I think that after using Nutrisystem for four weeks now, I've lost five and a half pounds. Yeah, the foods aren't the best ever. The first few days are a bit of a shock as you're consistently eating microwaved foods, which might be different from what you're used to. But I definitely survived on the food, it's really not that bad. After the first few days you get used to it and I actually enjoy a lot of the food. A lot of the food I had last month, I ordered again and ordered duplicates of, and I was able to pick the ones that I really liked.

So there is a bit of a learning curve when you start finding the foods that you do like and that are good for you. So check that post, see how I'm doing this week and I will see you again next month.

Nutrisystem.com is a gem for anyone looking to shed some pounds. Going out for a jog isn't complicated, but choosing the right diet to complement it can pose a bit of a challenge. The website takes out all the hassle by suggesting plans that suit your lifestyle and weight goals, as well as giving you an in-depth look at their delectable menu. And to keep you motivated, there are numerous success stories highlighting the path of others in the quest of achieving their dream body.

If you are an overweight teenager who needs to lose weight and are concerned about the Nutrisystem foods, how they taste and if you can stick to the plan, let me tell you: not all foods are super tasty. You will certainly have some that you like, but there will also be some you will not want to order again. That's fine. You can stick to the ones you like. The menu is big enough and the variety of foods wide enough to cater to almost everybody's likes an dislikes.

If you are not into meal delivery diets, another option is Weight Watchers. Go here to get the scoop on weight watchers.