Pregnant mothers are often reminded that they are eating for two. But Lyna barely has enough for herself. Lyna Botomoni is 17 years old teen. She is pregnant with her first child. Lyna recently enrolled in Mamachiponde program to ensure that her child is healthy at birth.

Lyna, who is pregnant with her first child lives in a widespread poverty area with malnutrition. The children in this area are prone to various chronic diseases, and therefore a huge number of deaths are reported annually. Here is Anne and Lyna having a friendly conversation regarding Lyna's daily shtick and much more:

Anne (Interviewer) - How often do you fetch water?

Lyna (Pregnant teenager) - Two times a day

Anne - What do you use the water for?

Lyna - For cooking, bathing and washing.

A: - If you meet with your friends from school, what do they say to you?

L: - They say, "There she is. She is married now".

A: - Do you wish you remained with your friend?

L: - Yes, I do

A: - At school?

L: - Yeah

A: - Why did you leave?

L: - My parents had no money.

A: - Is that why you got married?

L: - Yes.

A: - Since you left your school your parents wanted you to get married?

L: - Yeah

A: - Were you ready for marriage?

L: - Yes, because I had nothing else to do

Lyna has decided to move into her mother in laws house during her pregnancy, there is Anne's visit with Lyna to track her progress and keep an inventory of the available food at her home. Lyna has neatly arranged the available stockpile on the bottom of her lid.

A: - Do you have a bread?

L: - No.

A: - Do you have African cake?

L: - No.

A: - Do you have avocado pears at home?

L: - No.

A: - Do you have pineapples?

L: - No.

A: - Do you have oranges?

L: - No.

A: - Do you have guavas?

A: - Do you have corn at home?

L: - A little, yes.

A: - Did you buy it from the market? Is it enough/

L: - Yes, I bought one bucket.

A: - Do you raise chickens?

L: - No.

A: - Do you eat pork?

L: - No

A: - Do you eat hippo meat?

L: - No

A: - Do you eat rats?

L: - Yes

A: - Yeah?

L: - Yes, and I like it

A: - You like it?

L: - Yes

With few nutritional options, many mothers like Lyna. They lie heavily on the supplementary food provided by project peanut butter. The health and well-being of their children depend on it

A: - If you had finished school, what job did you want to do?

L: - Maybe become a police officer. Or a teacher.

A: - Oh, a police officer. Did you want to have a uniform and carry a gun? As a police officer?

L: - Yeah I'd like that.

The key to stop malnutrition in women isn't treating them with some mysterious medicine, but something that they can achieve locally and make it a part of their diet. As we notice, Lyna primarily depends upon corn for nutrition, but this isn't really doing any favour to her or the people of this poverty-stricken area. Whilst it is extremely sad that Lyna doesn't get the opportunity to pursue any of the careers to her liking, she has pretty much learned to adapt at a very young age, which is absolutely worth applauding for.

But this does not mean that maternal death rate and child mortality are going to continue to prevail in the area or any part of the planet for that matter.

However, thanks to peanut butter program. This has helped save lives in large doses, and hopefully they spread the awareness to our other fellow earthlings. What do you people think of this? Should peanut butter program expand? Well, we for one think, yes. You do not get a healthy infant without a healthy mother.