Q: Is it impossible to find cheap, healthy, shipped, and ready-to-eat meals for someone looking to lose weight on a budget?

A: No.

Q: Well what’s this secret, god-like food-delivery service then?

A: BistroMD

Beyond Testimonial

Though most people believe food delivery to be expensive, unreachable, and counter-intuitive for losing weight, the exact opposite is true. But, I can’t blame you for holding this assumption. I too used to believe that the only genuine way to lose weight on a constricted budget was by eating small portions of cheap goods such as lettuce, tuna, and versions of expired chicken.

After discovering how convenient and manageable for my monthly budget the food delivery service offered by BistroMD is though, I signed right up.

If I were to say that was the only factor for my decision to select this weight loss program, I’d be lying though. What really happened next was an arduous research session and simultaneous analysis of countless articles, testimonials and reviews, where I finally managed to calculate my expected monthly food budget and compare against the services offered by BistroMD.

The result:

  • I would spend $85.00 less per month by using BistroMD’s delivery program in comparison to eating at restaurants, fast food, etc.
  • I would spend $20.00 more per month if I were to cook, than if I used BistroMD’s service (omitting time spent cooking).
  • I would save $10.00-$40.00 per month on gas, time spent, and other variables if I were to use BistroMD solely.
  • I would save $115.00 per month if I supplemented BistroMD for three weeks with cooking for one.

I had to choose the fourth option for financial reasons. Also, I didn’t want to lose the ability to cook for myself and wanted a way to have most of my meals covered to ensure I wouldn’t binge eat, by using the services. Speaking of binge eating, this is the most important benefit of using this fantastic food delivery company.

Binge on Bliss, not Food

Most of you looking through weight-loss forums have or will, experience binge eating in all its forms:

  • The euphoria as you chomp and stuff away.
  • The peak of utter enjoyment.
  • The feeling of over-indulgence.
  • And of course, the bloated sickness, mixed with feelings of shame.

Thankfully, smaller portions indicated merely from packaging alone are correlated with consumers eating less, dropping the frequency of binge eating by accident. And BistroMD offered those products to an indulgent man such as myself, not only of adequate portion, but so too of quality. These pre-made meals are incredibly tasty. In fact, I remember the crepes were spectacular, although I may have eaten two (the low-calories are a godsend).

Which brings me back to the video testimonial of Frank, a man capable of controlling his willpower with the help of BistroMD. Watch how BistroMD is a time and money saver for Frank:

He suffered from the same food addiction that as obese or overweight individuals we've all experienced. Yet, he managed it. Thus, his testimonial, along with the countless others I’ve researched along this journey, gives validation to the healthy food delivery service, with specifically his massive weight loss number of over 55 lbs.!

I can only hope to record such grand numbers in the future, and hopefully, you can join me in doing so with time to spare!